Past Exhibition | March 12 – June 25, 2022

Pasos Ajenos
Social Justice and Inequalities in the Borderlands

Pasos Ajenos is an interactive, bilingual art and cultural exhibit that invites people to participate in learning, conversation, contemplation, and transformation. Our shared Borderlands communities carry legacies of strength, beauty, and wisdom. These lands and many of its peoples have also endured colonization, violence, and silencing. Because of the shape of our education system and society’s dominant narrative, we mostly remain unaware about the heavy legacies and the ways they determine how we interact as people — with ourselves, each other, and the natural environment. Examining and bravely discussing these historical events and their contemporary outcomes can lead us toward understanding and healing.

The title, Pasos Ajenos, honors our collective and humane ability to be compassionate and justice-minded as we attempt to “walk in a stranger’s footsteps.”

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