Matachines Dances of Bernalillopopup

The Town of Bernalillo is set at the northwest slope of the Sandia Mountains and hugs the banks of the Rio Grande. Situated at an elevation of 5,052 ft above sea level, the Town of Bernalillo is within the Rio Grande Valley of the Albuquerque Basin. The Town is located between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and two Pueblos, Sandia Pueblo on the south and Santa Ana Pueblo on the north.

Founded in 1695 by Don Diego de Vargas, the Town of Bernalillo soon became a commercial center for trade among the Pueblos and Mexican/Spanish settlers, and remains a retail trade and service center for this part of the Rio Grande basin. This convergence of cultures, over multiple centuries, has resulted in a truly unique heritage and historically significant community. As a result, our programming focuses on themes of community relevance, providing a platform for local conversations, storytelling, and history-making.

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