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Sheri Knight, owner and her employee behind the coffee bar. Her employee is drinking from a coffee mug. The walls are blue and there's a menu written in chalk.

Sheri Knight, owner of Chicky's Coffee, and her barista behind the coffee bar.

No town is complete with a local coffee shop perfect for a quick caffeine stop or a multi-hour work session. Bernalillo is no different and, as such, has been extra welcoming to Chicky’s Coffee, a little roaster and cafe located at 240 S. Camino del Pueblo. 

Sheri Knight, owner and operator, originally began roasting coffee in an old popcorn machine at her house as a favorite pastime. Eventually, that just wasn’t enough and, in October 2022, she opened a shop specifically as a place to roast and sell beans. Her customers, however, wanted a place to sit and try her specialty grade roasts and so it quickly became a coffee shop as well. 

“There’s a wonderful sense of community. All of the people that come in are really helpful. Regulars will check in on me if I’m working late,” said Knight. 

Now, after a first successful year of business, the shop features drip and espresso coffee drinks, a variety of hot teas and locally made pastries. Local artists also display and sell their pieces around the store, giving the shop a very cute, eclectic vibe. Regulars come in every day for their brews. 

Chicky’s Coffee has begun providing wholesale beans to local businesses and restaurants as well, including Blades Bistro and Gather at Nob Hill. When we interviewed Knight in November 2023, she was getting ready to rearrange things to accommodate a new, much larger coffee roaster to keep up with increasing demand.

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